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On "Kindred" and Michael in general

I think Michael has become my favorite character in Atlantis. And not just because of Connor Trinneer (though that's a pretty big part of it).

His past is so sordid. I always worry when Michael appears that he will be reduced to a clichéd villain, out for nothing more than revenge and a little shock factor. His character has the potential for so much more! Considering what he's been able to accomplish (cloning, genetic mutation, "curing" the need for himself  to feed), he's cleary a genious.  And I know he's evil but I love him. He is just so fascinating.

Though I can't help but comment on how inconsistent his behavior is in some ways. Sure, he's out for revenge against everything. But he seems both crazier and friendlier somehow in  "The Kindred" parts one and two than in "Vengeance. Maybe friendly isn't the best word. His animosity towards Teyla seems to have dissipated for the most part. That look he gave her when he promised her he wouldn't harm her child. It almost looked like he was shocked at the implication.

Don't get me wrong, I loved that scene. I realize it'll never happen, but Teyla/Michael just screams awesome, complicated, emotional rollercoaster storylines.  

I desperately want to read what you think of Michael... If you know of any reviews of for "Kindred" or Michael fanfics, please post the links.


Hahaha, Michael is also my favourite character, and has been so since 2x18, so I was dying for the Kindred to air.

I love the way Michael still has those human tendencies about him (which he no doubt loathes)but the way he can still look hurt (like in Kindred I when Teyla admonishes him and he sort of twitchs)makes me feel sympathetic towards him.

But I agree with the sometimes inconsistency of Michael's behaviour. Because in Vengeance, I am pretty sure he was ready to kill Teyla. But now in the Kindred, it seems... Well he was hurt when Teyla calls him insane.

There was a bit of a lame fangirly moment in Kindred II when Michael showed Teyla the wraith ultrasound device and all "it's a bit crude... works just as well" and he does that trademark little half perfect circle smile that was there in the beginning of 2x18 while he was human and blissfully ignorant. Oh god I am insane.

And I will read all Teyla/Michael fics. I really would. I have a few linked on my del.icio.us page if that helps.
But I agree with the sometimes inconsistency of Michael's behaviour.

Yes, and we can insert the S4 as further proof of this, I think.

I will read all Teyla/Michael fics. I really would.

I think after the finale, I think we need good M/T fanfiction more than ever. Are you up to writing some? I'd actually like to read something that's slightly light-hearted. Though where the inspiration for that could come from - I have no idea.

Thanks for those links, by the way. One of these days I'll have to force myself to write some fanfic. Maybe during the break. One of those 15 minute prompts would be good for me since I'm terrible with long-term story commitments and an absolute procrastinator.