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Spring break, new obsessions

In true ironic fashion, I've spent the last five days of my Spring Break with the flu. No fun trip to Disneyland, no outside whatsoever. Just me, my pillow, and a box of tissues.

Fortunately, before getting sick I picked up the first season of Veronica Mars at the library. It's one of those series I always wanted to watch, but never got around to. I am now completely addicted, and have since spread this new kick to: five of my friends and my mother. I know, I know, staying up 'til three every night watching dvds is a very bad plan to recover from the flu. But I couldn't resist. Logan/Veronica feeds my LoVe of reformed badboys. 

Once I'm feeling better I plan to upgrade this page again. There's a beautiful new mood theme I want to use, and apparently basic accounts won't support anything but te standard themes.


Dang. The flu sucks. I almost caught it from my brother, but I was lucky.
Hmmm, I have always wanted to watch Veronia Mars too - I quite like Kirsten Bell, but i've never got around to it.

Also! About the moodtheme, if you upgrade your account to Plus, then you can add in the moodtheme. It should still be there when you downgrade your account back to basic. But due to livejournal rule changes or something, I am unsure if your account can still revert back to a 'basic' once you make it plus. Haha, I used to do it all the time though.
*Shamelessly promotes new Michael/Teyla story.*

Well, actually it's going to be the complete 5th season when it's finished, with 10 stories out of 20 Michael/Teyla centric. Todd is present too, and so are all the others, of course!

The instructions to the fic "Harm's Way", by Cedargrove, can be found here.

I hope you'll consider reading it, and that you'll leave a review, because Cedargrove can probably use some cheering with this massive project!

Thanks for the read!