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a belated return

I'm probably the worse updater in the history of the internet--whether its for livejournal, or just writing in general. It's kind of sad, since it would be interesting to have a cataloge of the things (lit & otherwise) that have interested me since 2008 (when this was last updated). Though to be fair, I think that other than posting something that I needed easy access to for a presentation, I'd left off blogging long before that.

I was looking through old text messages (and I'm  not even someone who texts often), and it's neat how these forms of electronic communication are like mini photographs--bringing back memories of occasions and past conversations.

Scrolling down on this journal I have all these posts on the Stargate universe, and its bittersweet to reflect on them because the show's off the air and any mention of future potential development for the characters is obsolete. But such is life. Especially in the realm of sci-fi tv.