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swac: sonny with a secret

A brief look at the latest season two Sonny ep. It's taking me a while to get used to Chad's hair and you can tell that poor Sterling Knight was sick during filming, but I love that the Chad-Sonny relationship has the go-ahead.

The Good: Demi's hair is back to looking good; she looks more Sonny-like overall. Yay for some Wisonsin continuity. Tawni's loyalty and pizazz (despite whatever feelings of jealousy ) for Sonny was endearing  (and not to go back to hair for the third time in one paragraph, but how does Tiffany Thorton manage her amways perfect tresses; almost makes me reach for the peroxide bottle to try my stab at barbie-blonde). Zora's frustration over her lack of Holmes' deductive skills were seriously amusing."I don't dereve this hat!" And you know what else I loved? That the b-story wasn't strictly the same old Nico-Grady stuff. The actual culprit was very very easy to predict, but I don't think that's a bad thing. This isn't a crime show, so it doesn't need to be held to that standard. Frankly, I'm just grateful they experimented with something new as a plot-point. It also seemed like fic instead of canon. :)

The Bad: I really can't stand that Chad keeps calling Sonny, M'Lady. I know it's supposed to be cute, and maybe if it were only once it would be. But five times is too much people, really. Knowing this show's habit of using catch phrases until you want to KILL THEM (Really, Chad? Really?), M'lady is here to stay.

The Blah: There were moments that reminded me a lot of scenes I'd already seen iCarly and Victorious (Compare the scene where from Trina and Cat are driving in "Tori the Zombie" to the Tawni-Sonny driving scene; there's even a shared "You just had to stop for..." line [ice cream in the case of "Victorious," a butter-shaped sculpture on SWAC]). Suspension of Disbelief reached whole new levels of improbably in this ep, which is fine. I just don't remember it being quite so ridiculous usually.Could be my memory though. And in the end, it was worth it to see the episode go beyond the framework of the tv-studio life it surrounds.