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On "Kindred" and Michael in general

I think Michael has become my favorite character in Atlantis. And not just because of Connor Trinneer (though that's a pretty big part of it).

His past is so sordid. I always worry when Michael appears that he will be reduced to a clichéd villain, out for nothing more than revenge and a little shock factor. His character has the potential for so much more! Considering what he's been able to accomplish (cloning, genetic mutation, "curing" the need for himself  to feed), he's cleary a genious.  And I know he's evil but I love him. He is just so fascinating.

Though I can't help but comment on how inconsistent his behavior is in some ways. Sure, he's out for revenge against everything. But he seems both crazier and friendlier somehow in  "The Kindred" parts one and two than in "Vengeance. Maybe friendly isn't the best word. His animosity towards Teyla seems to have dissipated for the most part. That look he gave her when he promised her he wouldn't harm her child. It almost looked like he was shocked at the implication.

Don't get me wrong, I loved that scene. I realize it'll never happen, but Teyla/Michael just screams awesome, complicated, emotional rollercoaster storylines.  

I desperately want to read what you think of Michael... If you know of any reviews of for "Kindred" or Michael fanfics, please post the links.


He's the constant reminder of the moral mistake that the senior staff made and that mistake continues to haunt them years later.

Very well put! Sometimes I wish the team would show more remorse than they do. I was rewatching "Vengeance" the other day though and Teyla makes some very interesting points to Rodney about the similarities between Michael and himself. I had forgotten about that scene, but it definitely ties into your point.

This One?

McKAY: He had a family?!

TEYLA: I don’t know, but I’ve often wondered what he left behind when he was captured by us. We know nothing of his past other than that he was a Wraith.

(Rodney has linked his computer table to another console and has called up some more data.)

McKAY: A very smart Wraith.

TEYLA: Perhaps he was a scientist.

McKAY (a little distracted): Huh. Sure. Probably. Why not? One of their very best, I’d wager.

TEYLA: Like you.

Re: This One?

That's it exactly. :) I love the look on Rodney's face as he realizes the connection.